The Assemblage Point


The assemblage point is one of the most fascinating aspects of the human body. It is the secret behind everything we see, do, and think and literally affects everything within us. Our health, mood, intelligence, energy, performance, our way of how we experience the world are all attached to the assemblage point. It is central to our reactions to ourselves, our responses to our environment, the connection with ourselves, how we feel in our bodies and the decisions we make. It has monumental influence on us and yet most people have never heard of it. Most are not even aware that they have one.

What is the assemblage point?

Every human being has an energy field around him. So does the earth. The magnetic field of the earth accesses the magnetic north pole and comes out the magnetic south pole. With humans this happens in the middle of our sternum, close to the thymus. This point is called the Assemblage Point. It connects our physical body to our energetic body and it’s responsible for the correct amount of distribution of energy through the body. If the assemblage point shifts it creates mild to severe imbalance in the energy distribution in the brain and nervous system. This effects endocrine functions. If the assemblage point is located on an organ, the organ will eventually stop functioning properly. A shift of the assemblage point can have a major impact on our physical and mental health.

How can the assemblage point shift?

The assemblage point can shift by accident, a painful experience, alcohol and drug use, bad nutrition, radiation and stressful situations. Once moved, it will not shift back to the right location unless a therapist shifts it.

Where does the assemblage point knowledge come from?

Indigenous peoples from many parts of the world have been working with the knowledge of the assemblage point for centuries. Research has shown that this knowledge is well utilized among tribal elders in Australia, Africa, Siberia, Central and South America. Elders would practice or treat patients to shift the assemblage point for health reasons but also to reach a different state of consciousness.

In the western world the assemblage point was rediscovered by John Whale, an English inventor who felt his assemblage point literally 'fell down' after a severe electrical shock. For weeks he felt depressed and had little energy, but slowly he felt the point shifting back to its natural position. This lead John to dedicate himself to discover the meaning of the “point”. John and his colleague, Angela Blaen have combined their extensive knowledge in the field to introduce this miracle cure to the Western world.

In addition, the assemblage point is also physically explained: Every proton is surrounded by electrons. This means that everything in the material universe, including humans, retain electrical energy. It is a physical fact that all energy systems oscillate around an epicentre. We humans are an energy system with the assemblage point as the epicentre.

How does an assemblage point correction work?

First, the assemblage point will be located on the bare skin, whereupon it will be corrected with a hand cut crystal. This will take several minutes.
Often people immediately feel and look better after a correction. Their eyes become shiny, they exhibit a healthy body colour, feel calm and closer to themselves. The body has returned to its original state.
Often a one-time correction is enough to restore the balance. Depending on the location and person more corrections are needed.

An assemblage point correction can help for:

  •  ADD
  •  Chronic fatigue
  •  Low self esteem
  •  Sleep problems
  •  Concentration problems
  •  Not in contact with yourself. 
  •  Who am I? What do I want?                
  •  Not being able to really enjoy anymore
  •  Digestion problems
  •  Excessive emotions
  •  Excessive stress
  •  Excessive worrying
  •  Not being able to let go of a painful experience
  •  Depression (ranging from mild to manic)
  •  Postnatal depression
  •  Burnout
  •  Mourning process
  •  Panic attacks
  •  Inexplicable pain in the body
  •  Pain– and tension in back, neck and shoulders
  •  Too high or too low bloodpressure
  •  Addictions



Article: 'Proving the Existence of the Assemblage Point - Angela Blaen'


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